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We are a multidisciplinary company who are serving customers last ten years in the field of Property Inspection Report for UK Visa and Immigration, English language courses for immigration purposes (A1 English language courses for leave to remain, A2 English language courses for spouse visa extension, B1 English language courses for Indefinite leave to remain & Life in the UK preparation courses for British citizenship or settlement in the UK), Highfield awarding body registered training centre for short courses (Food Safety & Health and Safety courses) and planning permission & loft conversion.

UK Visa and Immigration Property Inspection Report Experts

We are experts in providing supportive services to those immigrating to the UK. With more than a decade of experience, we provide the following:

Additional Services: 

Our professional training centre can also help you with Food Safety and Health & Safety Courses. We will also help you with your application for planning permission or loft conversions.

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Talk to Green Vision Engineers about how we can help with your property inspection report regarding immigration purposes, English language courses, including life in the UK preparation courses, Food Safety & Health and safety courses, or planning permission & loft conversion.

Property Inspection Report for UK Visa and Immigration

Our on-site property inspection report for UK Visa and Immigration produced by IOSH Grad Environmental professional will give you peace of mind by a personal visit.

Green Vision
Immigration Services

We only take on cases where we believe there is merit to it even in basic applications! We care greatly about our client’s time and money and will advise on goals to meet before a realistic application can be made.

Property Inspection Report for Spouse Visa

The UKVI has issued an information guide that states that a property inspection report is required for all Entry Clearance Visa & Settlement applications, including marriage visas.

Planning permission, Loft Conversion & Structural Calculation

If you are looking for qualified engineers and planners for your project, get in touch with Green Vision Engineers Limited.

Health & Safety Courses

Online Food Hygiene, Health & Safety Certificate. Range of Training

Courses Includes Levels 1 & 2 across Catering, Manufacturing, & Retail.

English Language Courses for Immigration Purpose

B1 SELT | A1 SELT | A2 SELT English language course | Life in the UK Test Preparation
We are one of the leading training centres in East London and provide one-to-one training to our students.

Who we are

Green vision engineers limited is one of the top and most trusted companies in the UK regarding property inspection for UK immigration.

We have provided more than 3000 property inspection reports over more than ten years. Our London-based company covers all areas across the UK.

Immigration Property Inspection in London and the UK

With our expert, experienced and professional service, you can obtain an independent assessment of the number of rooms and occupants of the proposed accommodation for your visa application.

Are you applying for your UK Civil Partner, Fiancé, or Spouse Visa? You need to make sure that you have an Immigration Property Inspection Report that meets the requirements of a UK entry clearance officer. 

Why trust us with your visa and Immigration Housing Inspection Report?

  • Our Immigration Property Inspection Report has never been refused by the UK Home Office! Our success rate is 100 percent.
  • We have provided over 3,000 property inspection reports for UK Visa and Immigration applications.
  • Our expert service has been a leader in the UK Immigration Property Inspection field for over a decade! 
  • Access professional services at an affordable price. 
  • Our Housing Inspection Report Service covers the whole of the UK.
  • You can arrange 24-hour short notice appointments or immigration property inspections on the weekend or evening. 
  • Access to qualified and experienced surveyors who hold qualifications from the IOSH and HHSRS.
  • Save Time and Money by contacting the best in the business. We will make sure you have all the support you need to pass this vital stage of your Visa application.

We Will Support You Every Step of the Way with Your UK Property Inspection Report for UK Visas.

We know that you don’t want to waste any money on a housing inspection report which isn’t suitable.

That’s why we will only accept the property inspection if we believe after our pres assessment that the property inspected is usually acceptable for Visa regulations and is free from category issues under the Housing Act 2004 and Housing Act 1985

This approach saves you money and time and ensures you don’t end up with an unsuitable Visa property inspection report.

Do you need a Property Inspection Report in London and the UK?

The UKVI requires that all UK Visa, Entry Clearance, and UK Settlement applications are supported by a report from a suitably qualified body certifying that your property is acceptable for this purpose.

Your Immigration Property Inspection Report will state:

  • That a professional UK immigration property inspection was carried out and given details of the accommodation were inspected.
  • Your property doesn’t contravene public health regulations.
  • The building is judged as a suitable dwelling under the Housing Act 2004 and Housing Act 1985.
  • The property is not statutorily overcrowded and is large enough for the visa applicant to also live in.

How can our Immigration Property Inspection Report services help you? 

We will support you with a property inspection report for immigration purposes for a variety of applicants.

Trusted Property Inspection Report for UK Visa and Immigration

Our on-site property inspection report for UK Visa and Immigration produced by IOSH Grad Environmental professional will give you peace of mind by personal visit, One-to-one English language courses training will build up learner’s confidence, and our short courses training in our selected Highfield HABC registered centre or customer’s premises on-site training will help to choose customers own time with our experienced trainers and our MSc Structural Engineers and planners are liable for your project at each stage, promising attention to detail gained from their many years of related experience. Our company reputation builds up by our commitment to our customers and professional services. Our happy customers are our ambassadors and their satisfactory complement can find on our social media pages which will help you to get the idea about our services. Our quality services will help to decide our customers come back for our services next time. We strongly believe our services will make a difference with other companies. Our success is based on maintaining a well qualified and extensive team of experienced and commercially aware colleagues.

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Surveyors

Only our qualified surveyors visit the property physically and give a written guarantee to the home office.

Office-based Company

We are an office-based company and not a virtual company. Any authority can come and check the documents at our office.


We have been serving our customers for more than ten years in the whole of the United Kingdom.


Our certificate has never been refused by the Home Office.

Why Choose Green Vision Training & Engineering for Property Inspection Report for UK Visa and Immigration

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We have been serving our customers for more than ten years in the whole of the United Kingdom.
Our most experienced surveyor provides a free consultation before visiting the property.

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Frequently asked questions and answers regarding a

property inspection report for a spouse visa or any UK Visa and Immigration purpose.

How long does the certificate last?

The letter lasts for three months from the date it is issued.

Can you backdate the letter?

No, the certificate date cannot change under any circumstances. A new inspection will need to be carried out.

How long will the process take?

After Contacting Green Vision Training & Engineering via phone, email, or contact form, we will contact the customer within 24 hours & after visiting the property, we will deliver the certificate within 2/3 working days.

How quickly can you provide the certificate?

We can provide the certificate within 24 hours, depending on the location and level of service chosen.

What happens when I submit my forms?

A Housing Standards surveyor will contact you to arrange an appointment convenient for you. The Surveyor will attend to your property. They will measure the bedroom sizes and check the condition of the property for any defects. The Surveyor will then tell you if the property is suitable for the person to inhabit the property. Within the next 2-3 working days, you will receive your certificate for the Immigration Authorities.

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Do you need a property inspection report for a spouse visa or any UK Visa and Immigration purpose?

Green Vision Training & Engineering company is one of the most trusted & affordable nationwide companies that has been serving their customers for more than a decade regarding property inspection for UK visa and immigration. We are an office-based nationwide company in Greater London but we cover all over the UK.

How Can We Help You Further?

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