Every food handler needs a Food Hygiene Level 2 course after 3 years. We are specialist in food safety courses and have been providing our services for over 7 years.

We provide training at our office and customers premises depending on our customers demand and convenient time. We provide our services all over the country.

We explain the course curriculum by customers own language like Bengali or Sylheti dialect and English.

We explain customer about the principles of food safety, implementation of food safety, result of good and bad practice of food safety and finally how to make safer food and avoid food poisoning.

We believe if customer attend our course, they will definitely achieve the food safety qualification very easily.

We also believe that if you attend the course it would be more than achieving a certificate and you can give answers to the environmental health officer more confidently during their visit!!!

Food Hygiene And Safety Level 2 For Catering

It is essential to food safety that all food handlers are aware of the hazards and controls associated with the types of food they produce. Every year, millions of people are made ill and several vulnerable people die as a result of eating contaminated food. Food businesses have a legal and moral obligation to ensure they are not contributing to these statistics.
Whatever the type of food being produced, controls must be put in place to ensure all types of contamination and temperature abuse are either eliminated completely or controlled to ensure safety.

The Food Business operator in any type of food business has a legal obligation to ensure that staff are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters to a level necessary for the type of activity they are carrying out. The most effective way of complying with this legal requirement is to obtain an appropriate, accredited qualification in food safety and ensure the knowledge gained is implemented in the workplace

Our qualified Food Hygiene trainer can visit your business in Kent, Surrey, Essex, Sussex, Bournemouth, Reading, Greater London, Manchester, Newcastle, Sunderland, Birmingham and every corner in the UK.