You need to take the test as part of your application for British citizenship or settlement in the UK. You will have 45 minutes to answer 24 questions about British traditions and customs. Life in the UK test is about British life, culture, history, law, politics, constitution and your rights & responsibilities in the United Kingdom.
Our research shows that most of the learners can give answers to 15/16 questions but they can’t give answers 18 or more questions to pass the exam as they don’t read the text book. Learners are not willing to read the text book as they feel it is too much reading for them. We have summarised the book to 55 pages and have divided it to 5/6 classes then we practice the answer of the questions with learners, giving them more confidence to understand and prepare for the exam.

Adult education is always challenging. To teach someone in adult age is not easy especially if learners come from different country, cultures or different society. Life in the UK is new world to them. If teacher can understand their culture and language, it would be easy to explain them by using real life example from the learner’s cultures to understand the syllabus easily.

Our professional and experience teachers have vast knowledge of the world like Asia, Arab or African country’s culture and society and they are willing to know different culture too! These knowledge will help them to explain and compare UK and their native cultures to understand life in the UK text book syllabus.

Our aim is to provide tools and techniques to develop the learners confidence and discover their ability to encourage them to learn. For example, we love story based teaching rather than only reading the text book.

Our unique one to one class gives encouragement and confidence to the learner to pass the exam with understanding of British life and cultures. This will help them to set up their British life later easily.


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